IMG_1877c_res100dswh Intro to my Website
I have traveled extensively in China during my retirement, thanks primarily to friendships developed with Chinese visiting scholars I’ve met while at the University of Regina. I’ve visited more than three quarters of the 32 provinces in China, and together with the reading I do in our long winter months, I keep learning about China.

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MIMGP5000c46_classgroup_res150dswhRecent China Visits
For a number of years, now, I have enjoyed the experience of helping to upgrade the English skills of teachers, professors, and students in China. I have been part of provincial government programs that have welcomed teams of foreigners to engage in short summer teacher upgrading programs for English teachers. In Sichuan Province, I have been an annual guest lecturer for a few weeks each year at a teacher education university.

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IMGP7507s_res150dswhMy Photography
Photography for me is not an art form, as it normally is for most successful photographers. Rather, I’m basically a teacher–an educator. I enjoy learning myself, and sense that when a story should be told it can often be told best with images. So, my photos are often a record of my experiences. Sometimes, I wish I was able to record in video with sound and commentary, but I am not in the league with such people as Rick Steves (famous for his European Travel shows on TV). So, I shoot still images — many of them. I then select, sort, and add commentary as time allows, to provide the larger context and stories behind the images.

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IMGP5059rcshprc_RnR_res150dswhLife in Canada
My wife, Roberta, and I took early retirements from our post-secondary teaching positions. At the time, we thought we might have another 10 years of professional life ahead of us. We had an early experience overseas when our children were still preschoolers. Living and working in distant lands and with different cultures have been continuing areas of interest, prompted in part by early church life experiences in my hometown where contacts with peoples from many parts of the world (often missionaries) were part of our community church experience.

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IMGP2878_TownStreet_Guizhou_res150dswhBlogs and Photos
My blogging and photography in recent years has been primarily China oriented. It is not that my wife and I have only focused on China in our retirement. Indeed, we have been privileged to travel in many parts of the world during our extended retirement years, and we have photo stories that can and should be told about many of these adventures. However, my online presence has focused most consistently on my China experiences.

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