Cruising the Thousand Islands, Ontario Canada

After living in Canada for a lifetime, I continue to be delighted to find beautiful locations that I’ve never visited before. Maybe it should be no surprise. Canada is a huge country, second in size only to Russia. But, maybe I have not focused on Canada as much as other parts of the world. Anyway, a couple years ago we finally spent a few days in Ontario, and this was one of the highlights.

00_IMGP1019ecsh_res200brdrThe name Thousand Islands is given to a section of the St Lawrence River between Kingston, on Lake Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. The river is wide here and is part of the famous St Lawrence Seaway that allows ocean-going vessels to sail into the Great Lakes area of Canada and the USA.

04_IMGP0938sh_res200brdrWhen we boarded our tour boat, the weather was rather cold and rainy. Inside, we enjoyed hearing about the history of the river and of the islands. Later the sun did come out, and we had a lovely time.

04_IMGP1005esh_res200bdrWhile we knew there were a lot of islands here, we were surprised to see how the local people had built cabins and houses on many of the smaller ones. We were also surprised to learn that there are many more than just a “thousand islands” in this part of the river.

08_IMGP1120s_res200brdrThe river tour also passes by Fort Henry, a British fortification constructed to keep the Americans from advancing farther north in the War of 1912.

Click the link below for access to my photos from this vacation cruise.

PHOTO ALBUM: Thousand Island Tour

Last update:  2016/07/15

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