Delightful Niagara Falls in Canada

Many more Chinese these days are choosing to do International travel, and one of the great tourist destinations in Canada is Niagara Falls.

010IMGP0521c_r_res200brw10After many years I had the chance to visit this area again.

While the tourist area is on both sides of the US/Canada border, the best views of the Falls are from the Canadian side.

040IMGP0633s_r_res200brdrwh10To enjoy the area properly, it is best to plan at least a half-day to walk along the gorge and photograph the sights. If you have the time and money to enjoy a few days in the area, there is much to do both locally and in the larger Niagara River area.

106IMGP0748c_r_res200brdrwh10My photo album has 23 photos from a walk-about at the Falls, along the Niagara Gorge, and a visit to lovely adjacent parks.

Click the link below to view my photo album of the majestic and delightful Niagara Falls.

My visit to Niagara Falls.

Last update: 2016/07/17

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