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3Us Blog Site Explanation.

For some years, I shared my travel experiences by means of an English language website (EngHunan) hosted by the government of Hunan Province.  The site is supported now primarily for use by visitors to the province, but is not getting the level of support than it did earlier. The 3Us name comes from the theme and intentions of the International site: of the Users, by the Users, for the Users.

Currently, my articles here continue to be linked to photo album websites that are not longer freely available to my Chinese viewers.  I intend to continue rework these articles and republish them here on my CanadianDragonfly.net site.

My contributions to the 3Us site are summarized below:

East Meets West Series
01 — Liddell: Early Olympic Hero in China
02 — Weifang’s Historic School and Hospital
03 — Weifang’s Japanese Internment Camp

Favorite China Site Series
01 — Yongding (Fujian)
02 — Qingdao (Shandong)
03 — Detian Waterfall (Guangxi)
04 — Harbin, Heilongjiang

Charity Work Series
01 — My First Experiences
02 — First Experiences in Africa
03 — A Saskatchewan Perspective
04 — Early Life of Norman Bethune
05 — Terry Fox Runs for Cancer

Silk Road Travel Series
01 — Bus Ride Zhangye to Lanzhou
02 — Visit to Urumqi and Turpan
03 — On the Streets of Urumqi
04 — Town of Hoxud
05 — Expressway Vistas

Other China Sites
01 — Leshan (Sichuan): Dafo – The Great Buddha
02 — XiJiang (Guizhou): Village of 1000 Miao Families
03 — Beichuan (Sichuan): Earthquake Destruction
04 — Changsha (Hunan): New Meixihu Park
05 — Hong Kong: Disneyland Resort
06 — Rural Hunan Travels

Canada Sites
01 — Niagara Falls, Ontario
02 — Thousand Islands, Ontario
03 — A Little of Suzhou in Vancouver
04 — Regina’s Dragon Boat Festival
05 — Regina’s Plywood Cup

USA Travel
Enjoying Florida Part 1
Enjoying Florida Part 2